LoanStreet provides you with the ability to have multiple users associated with a single account.  The primary account holder is by default the first party to register for LoanStreet from your institution.  Other accounts for your institution are called “child” accounts.  Child accounts can have a number of abilities and authorities to make your institution’s use of LoanStreet more efficient.  For example, one child account could have the authority to make purchases and another child account could have the authority to publish loans.

To create child accounts, navigate to Account -> Child Accounts.

From there, select “Add New Child Account,” provide the user’s email (which will act as his or her  username for LoanStreet),  full name and the authorities you grant that child account including the ability to create other child accounts with those same abilities.  Then click “Save.” 

Please note that if you allow a child account to create other child accounts, the first child account can only grant to others the authorities is already has.  For example, if a child account cannot purchase a loan, it will not be able to create a child account that can make purchases.

You can also delete or edit the authorities granted to any Child Account at any time.  To delete or edit, return to the Child Account page and click either the edit icon (the pencil) or the delete icon (the trash bin) next to any child account.