LoanStreet has a full messaging system for the loan originator and syndicate members associated with each loan.  You can create direct messages to particular party or create forum discussions.

Basic Access users can only view and participate in direct discussions.

Full Access and syndicate members can view and participate in forum discussions.

To view a discussion, whether direct or forum, you should navigate to the Messages tab of any LoanFile.  Once there, you can view a messages dashboard which shows the historical forum discussions and your own direct discussions as well as historical notifications associated with that loan.

To start a new discussion, select “View All” next to Discussions and select “New Discussion.”  From there, provide a subject and message and then select whether the message is direct to a particular party or a forum.

LoanStreet will automatically send a notification to the syndicate or, for direct messages, the applicable party, that a new message has been created and providing them with the ability to reply in kind.