On LoanStreet, you can add existing Syndicate Members at any time either before publishing the loan or afterwards.

If you have already sold an assignment through means other than LoanStreet it is critical that you update that information prior to Publishing the loan or, if already published, as soon as possible so that LoanStreet has accurate information regarding the syndicate especially for ensuring that you do not violate the Maximum Syndication Percentage and for properly distributing borrower payments.

To add syndicate members, navigate to the Syndicate tab of the LoanFile for each loan.

From there, select Add Member in the upper right hand corner and provide LoanStreet with the name of the institution (either registered, un-registered or simply a placeholder institution which will not be registered) along with percentage ownership and effective date of the loan assignment.

From then on, your Syndicate information for that loan will show the new syndicate member and its percentage ownership.  LoanStreet will also automatically invite any un-registered syndicate members when provided with an email address so that existing syndicate members can join LoanStreet and have that loan automatically included as part of their portfolio of loans.

LoanStreet automatically sends out notices to each syndicate member added.  However, LoanStreet does NOT send notices for unpublished loans until publication and allows you to freely edit syndicate membership until publication.