Publishing a new loan on LoanStreet is easy.

For already existing loans, navigate to Sell Side -> Post Origination Portfolio.  Once there, select New Loan in the upper right hand corner.

To start the publishing process, first provide the material terms of the loan which generally become searchable terms for purchasers.  Once complete, you can either “Validate” before saving as a draft or immediately “Save Draft” which will also validate your entries.  Please note that no entries are saved until you click “Save Draft.”  Once saved as a draft, the remaining portion of the LoanFile becomes available for completion.

Access:  select which institutions can access the loan for purchasing. 
Syndicate:  enter any existing syndicate members.
Dataroom:  upload the applicable documents comprising the loan file.

Payments:  enter borrower payment history along with any performance information.

Once finished, “Publish” the loan which then allows anyone who has Access to purchase the loans.

If you need more time, once saved as a draft, return at any time to finish theLoanFile prior to publication.  To revisit, just return to Sell Side -> Post Origination Portfolio and your list of already published and unpublished loans will be available to manage.